New Year, New You: Beauty Guide for Your 2017 Goals

This post was originally published in February 2017 on

Coming to you in February because tonight is the lunar eclipse and years are full of new beginnings. And also because this mod is depressed and struggles with procrastination but still wanted to write about this and hear your thoughts and finally got it done! Small victories, am I right?

Hopefully this first month has provided you with fresh thoughts but it's also been a pretty dark time on a global level. I know that I am feeling deeply overwhelmed with the state of the world and feeing helpless against the impending presidential disaster, so I'm responding by prioritizing what does feel in my control--my goals to myself and this world for this year that I'm determined to make better than the last. If you are like me and have made goals with yourself, politics, and the environment in mind--read on for some simple suggestions for tangible follow-through in making the world and your life better in the New Year.

Goal: Make Less Waste
If you're determined to jump on the Zero Waste bandwagon and maintain your style + routine, I suggest:
Recycling all your clothes either by donating or repurposing.
Buying clothes/personals/makeup with little to no packaging; easily done if you're purchasing from thrift stores, farmers' markets, or small vendors who do all of their own packaging and will work with you to manufacture no waste.
If you're someone who has periods, using a menstrual cup or cotton pads so that you're no longer creating monthly plastic waste. And, it's so much cheaper!
When you do buy from big names, choosing brands that have recyclable and/or compostable packaging, such as LUSH.

Goal: Buy from Black Businesses
If you don't know why it's important to invest in Black-owned businesses, I suggest reading up on it but I will say here that it is important for everyone to support brands that are confronting colorism and displacing Eurocentric beauty standards in the make-up market. And then consult Essence's list for Black-owned indie beauty businesses in 2017 to start stocking up on products that meet a genuinely diverse population of needs/preferences/desires.

For your indulgent and luxurious bath needs, I cannot recommend Foxie Bombs highly enough. I've been following Foxie creator and entrepreneur-superhero Kayla since the beginning of her product creation. She is a Black, chronically-ill, survivor, femme based in Nashville who serves up deep truths about being a Black woman in the punk scene on her tumblr (Update: It appears her tumblr is no longer active.) She started Foxie as a side hustle, makes her products and packaging by hand, and is purposeful in her craft. Very recyclable with green practices from product design to finish, her goodies are nothing but delightful.

Goal: Go DIY
This goal might seem daunting, but while ambitious, 2017 makes it no better time than now to cut down on what you buy and up the ante on what you make by hand. After all, who knows if we'll have Amazon Prime once Trump has imploded the country; we'll have to make do with what we have on-hand as we negotiate the breakdown of present society. With all the tutorials, guides, and videos, the beauty experts who've come before us have made it easy peasy. So watch a couple of videos to get you excited about creating your own products and start dabbling!

That's what I've got for short + simple doable suggestions for 2017. Go forth, do you, and make your life and this world cleaner and brighter!