Black Friday 2017

I️ have never in my life participated in Black Friday—but this year I’m giving it a shot! I’ll be working Thanksgiving night and get off at 10:30 pm, so I figure I’ll stop on my way home. I don't want to go out-of-the-gates-wild, so I'm going to keep it at a place or two. I’m going to bring baked goods and thank you cards to give them to people working in the stores that I interact with, and thank them generously. Also, I might chicken out and actually just do it all online.
Here’s what I’m excited about:

Winter Coat:
I️ actually already bought this one from JC Penny during their “pre-Black Friday” sale whatever that is.
I️ desperately need a new winter jacket and as much as I would love a Patagonia or Columbia, the bank account said no. This is a nice dupe, hopefully similarly warm but if not I️ have sweaters, and doesn’t have a fur hood which is great because I️ think they’re ugly. It's the a.n.a. midweight stretch puffer jacket.  Original cost was $200, I️ bought it for $80. Plus free shipping.

Savings so far: $120

Apple Watch from Target:
I️ really really need a watch—when I’m on the farm my hands are constantly wet and I don’t have the time to take out my phone every few minutes. I️ thought getting something digital, plus a few bells and whistles, would be nice. It's tempting to go for the Series 3 but I'm going to optimize savings and get the Series 1. 

Originally: $250, on sale for $180

Savings so far: $190

Board Games Galore: 
Also from Target, they're doing Buy 2, Get 1 free on all board games and this is what I am most ecstatic about. I am a board games fanatic, I actually used to play them by myself as a child and would make up my own rules. Does anyone remember Careers? Because I move all the time I haven't got any board games but I've decided now's the time to start the collection. So I'm going for it with Pandemic, Settlers of Catan, and the Resistance. And fill a bookshelf, and in turn, my heart with joy.  

Total savings: $210

+ that's the gameplan. Now I just need to wait 24 hours to execute. I hope you all get what you need to get, interact in ways that bring positivity to chaos, stay blessed, and fuck the capitalist system that has people get things they deserve on a single day because it's the only time it's feasible for many. <3