FRU: 8.26.17

Saturday Round Up? I give up.

Welcome to Friday Roundup, where I share relevant things that came across my Internet during the past week, with you, my deserving and glorious readers. This series is inspired by Autostraddle's "Saw This, Thought of You" segment that is very worth reading too.

There's no theme or organization this week, I'm all over the place. Enjoy all these links.

  • I discovered bunny herbalism this week and I am in love.
  • Okay so in my younger years I went through a big ICP phase and I am living for this Juggalos fight Nazis discourse. To quote my friend Alli, who said it best, “The Juggalxs will throw the first Molotov of the revolution, and it’ll actually just be kerosene and Faygo.”
  • I keep reading Bustle lists of “20-Odd ___ With Cult Followings On Amazon.” My favorites are the ones with weird grooming products that are clearly targeted towards people with dermatillomania. Call me a Bustle lists cult follower.
  • Here’s an academic piece on collaborative environmental governance I’ve been trying to get myself to read for two weeks. Maybe we can read it together.
  • Today in How to Adult I had to Google how to void a check. You literally just write void on it. But in case you don’t believe me, here’s a guide.
  • Lastly, I knew it was good, but I had no idea how good Bentonite Clay is for your body, your home, and your pets!