Friday Round Up 8.18.17

(On Sunday, because, you know)

Welcome to Friday Roundup, where I share relevant things that came across my Internet during the past week, with you, my deserving and glorious readers. This series is inspired by Autostraddle's "Saw This, Thought of You" segment that is very worth reading too.


Politics + the Environment:


  • When I was in Puerto Rico during the full moon, my friends and I did a cleansing ceremony in the ocean. One of the things I let go of during this witchy-time was neglecting my hair. Since then I have:
  • -Religiously been washing my hair only twice a week, Sunday and Wednesday
  • -Using new products including Maui Moisture Curl Quench ShampooNot Your Mother's Beach Babe Conditioner, and Carol's Daughter Hair Milk. I have mostly good feelings about all three. I could do a full review if you like. 
  • My next step is to start doing protein treatments to restore my natural curls which have taken a beating from bleaching and improper care. I'm starting with #2 on this list because I have the avocado and egg on hand, but I need more hair protein treatment suggestions! 

Help Me Out:
a new end segment on this series where I tell you what I'm clueless about and seek even more advice than usual

  • I need advice on deciding if I really truly want to go to law school. Is there a magical quiz somewhere? 
  • I've now been denied for a car lease and an auto loan from my credit union because I don't have a cosigner--but I really need a car for work. I have no savings so I can't just buy one. What do I do?