7.14.17 Friday Round Up

Welcome to Friday Roundup, where I share relevant things that came across my Internet during the past week, with you, my deserving and glorious readers. This series is inspired by Autostraddle's "Saw This, Thought of You" segment that is very worth reading too.

Welcome back to another semi-regular segment of Friday Round Up. This week I have links on links.

  • In doing research for an upcoming post on summer skin routines, I’ve finally learned what cold cream is. Are we here for it or nah?
  • I spent fifteen hours straight traveling this week by way of two planes and a train. I was so exhausted and thirsty by the end I never wanted to see another human being again. Don’t be me and even when traveling in a frenzied hurry, practice these travel tips. And, for the love of g-d, bring a Nalgene.
  • I still really really want silver hair, as demonstrated by my excessive pinning. But I don’t want to (read: can’t) pay $500 to have it done. Maybe you have this problem too?
  • I think this 2014 piece on environmentalism and inaccessibility from Marc Bamuthi Joseph pairs nicely with EF's posts from earlier this week. 
  • I’m staying in my mom’s house currently and last night we went out to dinner with some of her friends and it was a painful evening in practicing how to have awkward conversations with real adults when you’re unemployed and very mentally ill. It was hard not to dodge uncomfortable questions by whipping some of these facts out.
  • Also in my mom’s house, a Magic Bullet as seen on early 2000s infomercials. Do we buy in to this decades old hype? I’ll post an insta smoothie shot and you can lmk.

That’s it ya’ll. I don’t have to say stay tuned for environmentalism and feminism foundation posts because they went up this week! Read ‘em and share your comments!

How were your weeks? What wild things did you find on the Interwebs, cool cats?