Friday Round Up #2

Welcome to Friday Roundup, where I share relevant things that came across my Internet during the past week, with you, my deserving and glorious readers. This series is inspired by Autostraddle's "Saw This, Thought of You" segment that is very worth reading too.

It's that magical time again! This week I panicked a lot, had some snazzy stress-induced vertigo, and ate entirely too many Hot Pockets. I hate Hot Pockets because capitalism is evil and food pipelines in the United States are fucked up but I love Hot Pockets because preservatives are delicious and I never have the energy to cook. If anyone knows some low-spoons recipes for pizza pockets, please put me in the loop.


  • I finally started watching Naruto and I like it so far but I’m waiting for Sakura to become a badass. This actually has nothing to do with environmentalism, so in order to talk about it I found you this list of anime suggestions that explicitly engage with environmental issues.
  • I’m trying to lease a car and I probably will have a long commute so I definitely want something that gets great gas mileage (cause I care about the Earth and all) but I have no idea what I’m doing. I think an electric vehicle would be cool but I only make $25,000/year so I don't think I can swing it. Can someone teach me how to negotiate car deals?
  • I finally bought some summer shorts this week and I've been feeling pretty cute with the idea of my flubby thighs hanging out in them. Here's some gay advice on what to wear to take down the patriarchy this summer.


  • Donald Trump has officially had the U.S. pull out of the Paris Climate Accords. As this article mentions, other countries mostly are just going to continue to do their thing. Additionally, a body of American leaders are gearing up to ensure the United States is still involved in this conversation without our President. Perhaps in the future on this blog we’ll discuss the potentially disastrous effects of such a macro-impact move of a leading country of carbon emissions, or the hopefulness of a group of people across disciplines coming together to advocate for a solution to a problem that affects us all. Or even the merit of big-policy maneuvers as a solution to climate change--as opposed to grassroots fundamental cultural shifts around usage and waste. I really do want to get into how no matter what world leaders do, the environment will never be okay until individuals reject capitalist consumptive norms. And what is our role within this, as people who care about the world, our looks, and our beings? But alas, I haven’t got my medications refilled this week and I’m too depressed.
  • In more political news, I'm sure Trump did five million other things to ensure the burning of the world. I didn't have to research this with journalistic integrity because #alternativefacts.

Good Reads

  • This week I spent an hour reading to a friend summaries of Queer YA Sci-fi and Fantasy. Sometimes, especially after a week like this, escapism is need. This and this list are good places to start for suggestions from authors I trust.

+ that's it folks. Stay safe, stay loved. Stay tuned for those environmentalism + gender 101 pieces.