(First!) Friday Roundup

Welcome to Friday Roundup, where I share relevant things that came across my Internet during the past week, with you, my deserving and glorious readers. This series is inspired by Autostraddle's "Saw This, Thought of You" segment that is very worth reading too.

Summer 2K17 Trends:

  • Since I mentioned I'm going for the 10-step Korean skincare regime, if you're also jumping in late, here's co-founder of SokoGlam Catherine Cho's breakdown of what you gotta do to make your skin thankful.
  • This is my unsolicited take on the romphim situation.
  • Look fresh and stay cool this summer by rocking Jenny Owens-Young and Kristin Russo's "Smash the Demon Lizard Patriarchy" tank. It's a win-win.
  • Today I read a tweet that said "Fat girls in crop tops look like Winnie the Pooh" and Winnie the Pooh is cute af. This summer's theme is now Winne the Pooh aspirational. And shoutout to fat girls for looking beautiful in whatever they f--ing please.


  • This is where political articles I think you should read would go, but I just don't have the heart this week.


  • Rest in Peace, Sherrell Faulker. We will say your name.
  • Contribute to a zine! This is being compiled by the brilliant Dyaami D'Orazio and focuses on central themes of  "Diversity, Conservation, and Environmental Justice." Find out guidelines and make submissions by contacting ddorazio.osiny.org. Submissions are due June 1.

Got anything you want to share? Have a project you're collaborating on? Need to tell something to the world? Comment below and you may be featured on future weeks' Community Roundup section!