Sharing here the lovely, queer, mixed, + important Ingrid Nilsen’s video for getting ready on a bad day. Good for femmes on a low-spoons day, for those of us in throws of depression, and other rainy grey moments. 

At a surface level this video doesn’t contain any “Environmental” messages, but let’s remember that many chronic disabilities + diseases occur because of environmental hazards and waste, and that those affected are most often poor because environmental classism puts poor people at greater risk 

Envirofemme isn’t a blog for greenwashed messages about makeup. It’s a place for all femmes–but especially femmes of color, poor femmes, fat femmes, ill femmes, and other marginalized people who may or may not identify as femmes–to find a corner of the internet to be ourselves and relish in our glory, find cheap tricks and thrills of girly indulgence, share experiences and survival strategies, and learn to love and heal ourselves and one another. So enjoy this video and think about how caring for yourself on your worst days is an act of resistance; this world doesn’t want us to love ourselves, it wants us to view our own beings as worthless trash, but we are not to be thrown away. 

Mod is always willing to further discuss these ideas more in depth and suggest some self-educating resources if you want to drop a line in the inbox. 

Take care of yourselves y’all xoo