State of my Bank: December 2017 Financial Report

Doing this last month helped me so much, so I'm making it a regular thing! Here we go:  

Total Income: $ 1,738.13
From my AmeriCorps Position: $828
Environmental Femme: $34
Foster Home (@$10.30/hr): $463

Expenses: $783.00
(before any credit card payments or savings)
$152.00 Insurance
$153.00 Car Payment
$75.00 Gas
$54.00 Coffee Shops
$68.00 Eating Out and Pizza (I love pizza and I will never apologize.)
$124.00 Groceries
$103.00 Haircut + Personal
$54.00 Movies and PodCon
Remaining: $955.13
$220.00 Credit Cards
$300.00 Savings
Total Expenses:  $1,475.13

Remaining:   $263.00 (to go towards the first two weeks of January)

How I'm feeling: Mostly I'm feeling good. I was able to save over twice my savings goal this month so that's excellent. I put $100 on my Capital One credit card because of when I needed to pay for something and when I got paid, but I set off alarms in my head and I paid it off in full before the due date. It sometimes feels hard to rationalize saving when I have so much that extra $150 could go to my car loan since it's interest bearing...but at the same time if I do end up moving in nine months I need to have a cushion and in order to have that cushion I need to aggressively save. I do continue to feel exhausted. I work more than I would ideally, and I don't get to distribute my work in a way that feels good. "If it were up to me" I would spend more time writing. Which feels odd to type because, in fact, it is up to me. But it feels as though it's up to my financial responsibilities, not my soul desires. Money feelings are tricky in that way. But I'm calling this month a win. Steady on.