FRU Special Edition: Podcasts!

This week in a very special and welcome-back-to-myself Friday Round Up, I give you A PODCAST ROUNDUP! Here’s what’s on my Podcast Most Played currently, and I want to hear what you’re listening to in the comments!


· Limetown: I had started S-Town and couldn’t handle it because I need my crime thrillers to be purely fictional, and Limetown has fit the bill great. The narrator goes around interviewing people who were involved in this wacky experiment/cult society a decade ago who now keep winding up missing or dead. Finished series, episodes are between twenty and thirty minutes long.

·The Black Tapes and Tanis: Both spooky paranormal thrillers made by Pacific Northwest Stories. Follow case-by-case related unexplained phenomena in the Black Tapes and go for a winding occult adventure in Tanis. Alex Raegan, whoever she is, is a vocal genius. Unsure of their current publishing schedule, but both series just returned from hiatus so I know new content is happening again.

·Welcome to Night Vale: You have probably heard of this one but I had to put it on the list because WTNV is the first podcast I ever listened to. I love them and have been listening since their eight episode—which was way before podcasts were even cool!  Join their world the first chance you get, full of lights in radon canyon, sacrificial blood stones, and eternal boyscout troops. All voiced by your friendly radio host, Cecil Baldwin. Episodes published the 1st and 15th of each month at midnight, last roughly thirty minutes.

·Alice Isn’t Dead: Made by the people who make WTNV and voiced by the incredible Jasika Nicole, listen to this series if you like queer love stories, discursive storytelling, and uncovering government conspiracy theories. (Heads up, it is a little gory at times). Published bi-monthly, episodes run about half an hour.

·LeVar Burton Reads: Okay, of course you want to listen to this. It’s Reading Rainbow for adults. Clearly I love listening to stories and the auditory experience of having another world crafted for you right in front of your ears. With a new story each episode, LeVar Burton does this beautifully. I don’t know this for sure, but from what I have observed as a listener, LeVar uploads when he wants and episodes are however long he wants to take to read in length.


·Harry Potter and the Sacred Text: Join two Harvard Divinity School students as they tackle religious and spiritual themes in HP, one chapter at a time. An episode a week, usually on Tuesdays , very enjoyable thirty-minute episodes.

· Side Hustle School: A daily podcast highlighting someone who is making money on a side project. As someone who is constantly trying to do multiple hustles I like the community, stories, and inspiration all swept up nicely in this podcast. Daily episodes, 5-10 minutes long.

·The Read: There are probably current event podcasts that talk about news that I care more about, but I love hosts Crissle and Kid Fury so much that I will listen to anything they say. The topic could be butter and I would be invested. Queer, Black, and here to get you, the Read and its listener letters have me in stitches every week. Just break up with him already. Thursdays, 1.5 to two-if-we’re-lucky hours long.

·Buffering the Vampire Slayer: Two of my favorite internet people host a show about my favorite television show. It’s unadulterated greatness. Married duo Kristin N-O-E-L-I-N-E Russo and Jenny Owen-YoungS discuss each episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer spoiler-free. They have solid gender and sexuality analysis and touch on race, class, and other oppressive systems as well. The first to critique the patriarchy, they also know when to have guests on to speak more truth to power. Whether or not you’re watching Buffy for the first or 500th time, it’s a must listen-a-long. 1-ish hour long episodes with an original song at the end, their publishing schedule is up on their Patreon.

+ that's a proper chewable amount! I've linked all the shows' websites so you can go there and learn more about them and the wonderful teams who create them. WTNV is going on a book tour soon with the release of their second novel It Devours! Jenny + Kristin often do live shows so if you live in a major city and like Buffy and queer people, look into that. There are so many more podcasts that I listen to and that I've never even heard of. The podcast world is wide and wild and that is one of the things I love most about it. TELL ME WHAT HAS BEEN IN YOUR EARS THIS AUTUMNAL SEASON!